Thursday, August 6, 2015

JMT Day 13: Charlotte Lake to Rae Lakes

After the downpour, we woke up to good weather on July 22, 2015. Today we would make it over Glen Pass to Rae Lakes, and hopefully as far as Woods Creek. (Although I was doing a southbound hike, my revised plan was to go over Kearsarge Pass and hike north for a few days before turning south again so that I could see a bit more of the trail and find my friends.)

Charlotte Lake
Charlotte Lake

Charlotte Lake
Charlotte Lake

Then the clouds began to build up, AGAIN.


We set off for Glen Pass, which was 1200 feet of switchbacks and rock. By the time we reached the top, the clouds had completely covered the sky.

Charlotte Lake
Charlotte Lake, from the trail to Glen Pass

Flower on Glen Pass

Looking Down at Rae Lakes
The view down from Glen Pass

At the top of Glen Pass, I ran into 4 people I'd met earlier on the trail. Two were going very fast and having no problems. Another two had been going slower but then they realized they were running out of food and they'd better pick up the pace. They were young men and hiker hunger had hit, so they'd underestimated their food needs when planning.

The weather held out til we got to Rae Lakes, and then it let loose on us. I was game to keep going, but my companion, a NOBO hiker, wanted to set up tents in case the rain would be as bad as the day before. Since he was the one who had to make his miles for his hike, and I was just messing around until I ran into my friends and started south again, I let him make the call. Shortly after we set up our tents, the rain abated. Alas, the clouds stuck around.

Rae Lakes
Rae Lakes

Day 13 miles hiked: 5.2
Day 13 elevation gain: 1600 ft
Total Distance Hiked to date: 88.7 mi
Total JMT distance hiked SOBO to date: 48.1 mi

All of my JMT photos can be seen here.

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