Friday, May 21, 2010

Cuba Diaries: State Propaganda

In Cuba, the only billboards you see are patriotic signs bearing state propaganda. There are no ads. The only thing I saw in Cuba that (to me) perhaps counted as an ad were signs for Nestle ice creams. And those were only posted where the ice cream was actually sold - not elsewhere like on a billboard. Yet, state propaganda is everywhere. In addition to the many billboards you see all over the country, there is more plastered all over the various organiponicos we visited, outside government buildings, and just about everywhere. I even saw graffiti that said "Te amo Fidel!" ("I love you Fidel!"). Some of them are quite well-placed, like an anti-Bush billboard in Havana right where any Americans who happened to be visiting Cuba would see it. I guess the Bush years were so traumatic for the Cubans that they are still talking about it. I can relate... I feel the same way.

Here are a few of the pics I snapped. I only got a few because most of the signs we saw were from our bus as it zoomed past them.

Homeland or Death! We will overcome!

Every Cuban is a soldier of the Revolution

The young are the fundamental clay of our works of art - Che

The truth, once awakened, cannot be returned to sleeping

Long live the Revolution!

Something about Cuban elections, which surprised me. They have elections?

"Freedom is not begged for. It is conquered with the edge of the machete." - Antonio Maceo

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