Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cuba Diaries: Houses in Cuba

While I was in Cuba, I took quite a few pictures of houses we passed. In many cases, you'll also notice that I took pictures of farmers' houses at the farms we visited. Those tended to be nicer than the other houses nearby because farming is a very well-paying job in Cuba. I will go into more detail in the near future about the financial plight of the average Cuban, but I thought it would be illustrative to just show a collection of photos of the houses I saw. The first section of photos are from Havana, the second is from outside of Havana.

Buildings and apartments in Havana's Vedado district:

In the picture below, the tall building had stores in its bottom floor. There wasn't much there. Two clothing stores, a restaurant or two, a store that sold a few washing machines, refrigerators, and bedframes, and a few others.

Below are some pictures from a store. As you can see, there's a lot of space around the store. This is pretty common in Cuba. There's often just not that much to sell.

Houses outside of Havana:

This was a shed next to a house

Soviet-style apartments

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